Saturday, April 27, 2024

Tall Ships - day by day, 2017

"From time to time it can be good to take time out, to sit back and claim a little perspective. It's important, though, not to let this linger; it's important to get back on route, to keep moving forwards. It's something that Tall Ships have learned, and learned well."

The Beatles - i'll be back take three, 1964

"The Beatles spent the first three days of June 1964 at Abbey Road, rounding off the non-soundtrack side of the album A Hard Day's Night and adding the two remaining tracks on to the EP Long Tall Sally, speedily issued, a fortnight later. I'll Be Back was recorded from start to finish in a single session. Take 16 was released but the unissued takes Two and Three are presented here. The former illuminates how John conceived his song as a waltz (the Beatles' fondness for waltz arrangements dated back to Cavern Club performances of James Ray's If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody). Take 2 broke down, however, because, to use John's own words, it was "too hard to sing", and it is segued here into Take 3 in which the arrangement has been altered from 3/4, to the 4/4 tempo approaching the master version - proof of the speed with which the Beatles could switch their ideas."

The Mountain Goats - clemency for the wizard king, 2019

"It is a song about how if you are in the tribe that serves and worships the wizard king, and he gets taken prisoner by some evil-minded people who don't understand what he's all about, it's your job to go and demand that he be granted clemency."

Okkervil River - you can't hold the hand of a rock and roll man, 2007

“The Okkervil flows in a meandering course. The headwaters of the river are called Chernaya Rechka, whereas the name Okkervil originates from the 17th century after the name of Swedish colonel, who possessed a grange on the bank of the river. The water of the Okkervil is heavily polluted.”

Pet Shop Boys - loneliness, 2024

“We wanted this album to be a celebration of the unique and diverse emotions that make us human”

Sufjan Stevens - john wayne gacy jr, 2005

"Gacy was close to his mother and two sisters, but had a difficult relationship with his father, an alcoholic who was verbally and physically abusive to his family. The elder Gacy frequently belittled his son, calling him "dumb and stupid" and comparing him unfavorably with his sisters. One of Gacy's earliest childhood memories was of his father beating him at age four for accidentally disarranging car engine components. His mother tried to shield her son from his father's abuse, which resulted in accusations that he was a "sissy" and a "mama's boy" who would "probably grow up queer". In 1949, Gacy's father whipped him after he and another boy were caught sexually fondling a young girl. The same year, a family friend began to occasionally molest Gacy.Gacy never told his father, afraid that his father would blame him. Despite their challenging relationship, Gacy loved his father, but felt he was "never good enough" in his father's eyes."

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The Lightning Seeds - three lions football's coming home, 1996

"Three Lions", commonly referred to as "It's Coming Home" or "Football's Coming Home", is a song by the English comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner and the rock band the Lightning Seeds. It was released on 20 May 1996 to mark the England football team's participation in that year's UEFA European Championship, which England was hosting. The music was written by the Lightning Seeds singer Ian Broudie, while Baddiel and Skinner—presenters of the football comedy show Fantasy Football League—provided the lyrics. All three provided vocals. The title comes from the England team emblem."

Peter Bjorn And John - a long goodbye, 2016

"We broke down lots of producers during this album process. One mysteriously disappeared, another one ended up seeking mental care and a third one mostly talked about how much he missed smoking weed.We picked out people we thought could manage to over-ride the three of us in the band. No one could. But, we found some of the best, crafty producers for the specific songs that needed an extra layer of fresh paint. For the first time we wanted the music to sound expensive, it ended up with us turning bankrupt."

Mercury Rev - holes, 1998

"Holes" is the fourth single from Mercury Rev's fourth studio album, Deserter's Songs. The single was released in Australia only as a limited edition tour EP on July 7, 1999, although promotional CD singles were distributed to UK radio stations in 2006 (to coincide with the release of the Mercury Rev collection The Essential Mercury Rev: Stillness Breathes 1991-2006). The tour single included a live cover of "Caroline Says Pt. II" (Lou Reed) and featured Robert Creeley reading his poem "I Dreamt" over a Mercury Rev soundtrack."

Francisco Fanhais - cantata da paz, 1970

"A 31 de dezembro de 1968, cerca de 150 católicos entraram na igreja de S. Domingos, em Lisboa, e nela permaneceram durante a noite, depois de o papa Paulo VI ter decidido, no mesmo mês, que 1 de janeiro passaria a ser assinalado pela Igreja como Dia Mundial da Paz. A iniciativa contra a guerra colonial, e de oposição ao regime ditatorial de então, foi vigiada pela polícia política, tendo terminado sem incidentes. Sophia de Mello Breyner escreveu propositadamente para essa vigília a "Cantata da Paz", que ficou conhecida pelos primeiros versos, «Vemos, ouvimos e lemos/ Não podemos ignorar». Quatro anos depois, nos últimos dias de 1972, ocorreu na Capela do Rato nova vigília de protesto contra o regime, que acabou com a invasão do templo por parte da polícia. Os participantes foram levados para a esquadra e a maioria foi presa.» Cantata da paz, de Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen (poema) e Francisco Fernandes (música), por Francisco Fanhais – cantata gravada em 1970 pelo então padre Francisco Fanhais, foi uma das canções de intervenção que mais se cantaram em Portugal a partir desse ano e até 1974, ano da implantação da democracia."

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The Mary Onettes - silence is a gun, 2014

"Slick Swedish synthpoppers the Mary Onettes released Hit The Waves, their last album, less than a year ago, but they’re already making plans to follow it up with a new release called Portico, which they’re saying is a “mini-album.” “Silence Is A Gun,” the first song they’ve shared from Portico, ripples prettily and follows closely in the path of Hit The Waves."

Tombstones In Their Eyes - heart, 2023

"Our songwriting process generally goes like this: I’ll sit down and open Logic. Choose a drum beat to play along to. Write a rhythm guitar part. Sing along to that part in a stream of consciousness fashion and see what comes out. If it’s a good song and the lyrics are good, sometimes I’ll keep them as is, or with minor tweaks. Then I’ll add melodies, solos, bass, sometimes keys."

Volleyball - hours, 2022

"The band of Londoners who thrive in creating timeless tracks of fuzzy melodies and diverse multi-media releases are back and harnessing the sunbeams of summers past in the most glorious fashion. Continuing their mission of manifestation, the band pulls you into their waves of swirling guitar, full bass and decisive vocals which warn of the passing of time. A release that expands far beyond the track itself, this single is paired with live isolation video, remixes, alt versions and even a videogame. Together, Volleyball prove that while the present moment may pass, this track will never escape your mind."

Monday, April 22, 2024

Bee Gees - spicks and specks richard hewson orchestra with the children from corona school, 1971

"Melody is the soundtrack album for the film Melody (or S.W.A.L.K., the name it was initially marketed under in the U.K.). It was released in 1971 and is performed by the Bee Gees, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and Barry Howard (aka Al Barry) of The Aces, Desmond Dekker's backing group. It reached No. 1 on the Japanese charts. "In the Morning" was first recorded in 1965 by The Bee Gees, and was re-recorded in 1970 for the film; its title was changed to "Morning of My Life", though the song is credited under its original title on the album. The songs "Melody Fair", "First of May", and "Give Your Best" were originally released on The Bee Gees' 1969 album Odessa."

The Weather Station - robber, 2021

"The song begins with the light, dry tap of a drumstick on a cymbal, and from there blooms into the most dynamic and captivating music from her project as the Weather Station yet. A dagger of piano rings like an alarm, strings and a saxophone emphasize the intrigue and uncertainty. The double trap-kit percussion functions as both the rhythm and respiratory system for the song, cymbals splashing like the release of a held breath. This maximalist version of the band never once feels like overindulgence. Instead, it animates the emotional landscape that accompanies a crumbling worldview."

The Everly Brothers - lay lady lay cover, 1984

"Don Everly of the Everly Brothers recounted in a 1986 Rolling Stone interview that Dylan performed parts of the song for them after a late 1960s appearance by the duo in New York, as they were "looking for songs, and he was writing 'Lay Lady Lay' at the time." Despite a popular story that the Everly Brothers rejected the song due to misunderstanding the lyrics as sexual in nature, Everly continued "He sang parts of it, and we weren't quite sure whether he was offering it to us or not. It was one of those awestruck moments." In a 1994 interview Don Everly further explained the encounter, stating that "It really wasn't a business meeting ... It wasn't that kind of atmosphere." The Everly Brothers later covered the song on their EB 84 album, 15 years after Dylan's release."

António Macedo - canta amigo canta erguer a voz e cantar, 1974

"Um nome maior da Música Popular Portuguesa, hoje em dia um tanto esquecido do grande público, mas que compôs um tema dos mais emblemáticos associado à Revolução dos Cravos. Quem não se lembra de "Canta Amigo Canta - Erguer a Voz e Cantar", uma canção que era muitas vezes entoada nos comícios e em outras reuniões partidárias. Há muito que António Macedo merece a edição da sua obra no formato CD, não só as suas gravações registadas em vários 45 rpm, como as que musicou para outros artistas, e, entre eles estão as cantoras Helena Afonso e Lídia Rita."

Paul McCartney And Paul Simon - i've just seen a face live, 2015

"Paul McCartney and Paul Simon helped kick off the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live. The duo appeared in the monologue and contributed a rendition of the Beatles’ “I’ve Just Seen a Face.”

The Style Council - life at a top people's health farm, 1988

"Jeremy Corbyn, politician - Your music has often been cited as an inspiration by those seeking positive social change. What or who most inspired you as a voice for change? - Hmm. The Beatles. They changed my life, the Beatles. They totally changed my thinking. I started to think outside of my little bubble in my little suburban town. I wanted to see the rest of the world. I wanted to see other things."

The Mamas And The Papas - look through my window, 1967

"The song was inspired by the fact that although John thought Michelle was out in California, she in fact was just blocks away in Greenwich Village."

Jessie Buckley And Bernard Butler - footnotes on the map live, 2022

"For All Our Days That Tear the Heart is a collaborative album by Irish actress Jessie Buckley and former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler. Released on 17 June 2022 by EMI Records, it was preceded by the release of the singles "The Eagle & the Dove", "Seven Red Rose Tattoos", the title track "For All Our Days That Tear the Heart", and "Footnotes on the Map"."

Bee Gees - if only i had my mind on something else, 1970

"Splendid ballad side that comes out fresh, rather than a parody of the original Bee Gees. This stunning performance, both vocal and instrumental, and a less obscure lyric should take the team back into the good graces of the teens with explosive sales results."

Work Wife - apathy, 2022

"This new single from Work Wife is a beautiful indie folk-pop song with catchy guitars and vocals that can get to you, deep down to your soul. I am enjoying it very much. It is Friday, a tough work week is almost over and this feels like balsam on my wounds. I sometimes wonder how my life would look like if there was no music in it. I guess it would be very sad and gloomy. Fortunately, there are songs like this that can make your days better."

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Simon And Garfunkel - the sound of silence live, 1981

"Simon wrote "The Sound of Silence" when he was 21 years old, later explaining that the song was written in his bathroom, where he turned off the lights to better concentrate."

Pet Shop Boys - dancing star, 2024

"The synth-pop legends will release new album ‘Nonetheless’ on April 26th, revisiting their classic relationship with Parlophone in the process. New single ‘Dancing Star’ is out now, and it’s typically sublime – Pet Shop Boys have never let us down, but equally their current work contains much to adore. Infused with those decades of experience, there’s also a sense of shimmering light, and supple nuance. ‘Dancing Star’ twitches with energy and hope, the lyrics prompted by the life of the ballet dancer, Rudolf Nureyev. A true artist, the ballet icon defected from the Soviet Union, embracing freedom in both his life and practise to become a global icon. The song has a theatrical feel, with Pet Shop Boys yearning for the stage, for the rush of body movement."

REM - all i have to do is dream cover, 1987

"A cover of the Everly Brothers’ 1958 doo-wop lullaby, REM’s version of ‘All I Have To Do Is Dream’ sees the band at their most tender and – going by the footage below – their most adorable. Seriously, how cute is Michael Stipe here in with his dodgy bleach job and backwards postboy cap?"

The Flaming Lips - race for the prize, 1999

"The only Flaming Lips album I’ve listened to is The Soft Bulletin, but Race for the Prize is by far my favorite song on it. At first the drums caught my attention but I love pretty much every aspect of its production, and it has a lot of emotional weight for me (my interpretation is the cure for cancer, probably not what it actually is lol but it means a lot to me). Any similar songs, or is it kinda its own thing? Even if it is, I’d still appreciate a recommendation for the next album I should listen to :)"

Neil Young And Crazy Horse - psychedelic pill alternate mix, 2012

"it has the roiling honesty and brutal exuberance of their best records."

The Mary Onettes - juna, 2016

"Back in 2012, I stumbled across a song instantly That Became one of my all time favorites. It was mind-blowing. The track in question was Love’s Taking Strange Ways by indie-pop band The Mary Onettes. Already in those times, the Swedish four-piece were a cornerstone of Labrador Records and much they did also after the release of that Love Forever EP. But today they have returned with something really special: a collaboration with US label Cascine for their new single Juna, which serves also as the main theme of a major TV campaign, called Cool Robot, for Oxford here in Europe. More than anything else, Juna sounds as massive as expected, a sparkling synth-driven tune with a robust, delightful pop edge. Listen to the song and watch the campaign’s trailer below."

Sleep Radio - unfield, 2023

"Been waiting for this"